Vanessa Higa, Fundraising Officer

On Stage Project

The Movimento República de Emaús – MRE (Emmaus Republic Movement) uses the stage to raise awareness of the fight against sexual violence, in schools within the metropolitan area of Belém, Pará. During the first semester, the organization worked with 34 girls from 12 to 17 years of age, producing a play that addresses the issue. The adolescents participated in the creation of the play and the production, developing a critical eye regarding the sexual violence problem. In the next months, they will perform the play in city and state schools in the region. The goal is to show, in a friendly way, the state and city schools’ students of the same age as the young actresses, how to act against and report sexual violence.


Charlotte Brandin, Executive Director USA

News from Childhood USA

During the last few months, we have worked on growing Childhood USA’s presence in social media and on the Internet to better inform our followers and supporters. This effort has also included increasing our posts on our Facebook-page, and writing more about project visits. I have written a few articles on how Childhood works from projects visits that goes directly to what Childhood is all about – helping children. I often receive questions on how we work and have tried to answer some of those questions in another short piece on Childhood being a risk funder.

But we need help to get our message out, so we are fortunate to have personalities in the entertainment, sports and music industries wanting to show their support of Childhood. In 2010, several of them recorded a short PSA for Childhood, describing their reasons for supporting us and the children that we help. The PSAs were part of a collaboration with Sirius Radio and you can listen to them here.

Princess Madeleine has worked with Childhood for over five years, with the last two at the Childhood USA office in New York. During this time, she has made numerous visits to projects, participated in events to support Childhood and shared her thoughts on helping children around the world. Similar to Her Majesty Queen Silvia, such occasions create visibility about the mission of Childhood to raise awareness of children at risk for abuse and exploitation.

I am looking forward to an exciting 2013 for Childhood, using social media as a way to reach out with our message. I think many with me will take some time to reflect on the year that’s ending, and say thank you to family and friends. Just in the last few months, I have used social media a lot more and seen how my small comments on a FB-page can spread a message wide and far. So, over the next few weeks, Childhood USA will post a series of short testimonials by individuals who want to show and share their gratitude for the year that went, and beyond. I hope to see your comments on our FB-page what you are grateful for, too!


 Photo: Mikael Silkeberg


Susanne Drakborg, Country Manager Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland & Ukraine

Sandplay therapy

Sandplay therapy is used by specialists in several projects funded by Childhood. It is a form of nondirective play therapy. Often children are allowed to place various items, including toys, in a small sandbox with little or no instructions from the therapist. The idea is that the therapy allows children to express things which they might not express verbally. The way the children play, and what they say about the sandbox creation afterwards, allows the therapist to understand what the child is feeling and how to help the child. Sandplay therapy is also used to diagnose children who have been abused.