Britta Holmberg, Project Director

Impressions from South Africa


There are so many impressions I would like to share from my travels. Those little moments that make you understand how much the projects we support mean for the children they work with. Conversations that make you understand both how much is possible to achieve and how much it takes to get there. Meetings that give you hope.

The little boy in a support group who asks me if I am the servant of the Queen and makes everybody laugh, but in the next moment reveals that his mother said that she would kill him because he is so naughty. He feels safe enough to both be the clown and show his tears.

The social worker, who instead of judging the mothers and grand-mothers whose children had to be taken into care because of behavioral problem, says that she is so impressed by how long they actually were able to cope without help. She is the right person in the right place.blogg1

The simple township church, full of mothers and small children, who have decided to come to a workshop discussing positive parenting, even though it is freezing cold and the rain is pouring down outside and you would think that everybody would choose to stay inside. But they come because it is just that important to them.

These are just a few of many of those moments.

I am in South Africa. It is winter, cold and dark and rainy. But I feel hopeful when I leave. There are so many good people reflecting on what they do and how and constantly improving their work. Change is going on. Things are getting better for so many children and families.