Susanne Drakborg, Country Manager Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland & Ukraine


Transcarpatia. The name sounds exotic, like the long-lost land of a fairytale. Transcarpatia refers to a province in southwestern Ukraine as well as a historic region which stretches into the neighbouring countries. Spending time in Transcarpatia you will hear Ukrainian, Russian, Hungarian, Polish, Slovakian and Romanian spoken. Childhood is funding three projects in Transcarpatia. One of them – Centre for children’s rights – is run by the organisation Dolia, founded by orphanage graduates. Dolia is a small organisation in Uzhgorod with a unique experience and great motivation. It is inspiring to see how they grow and are helping improve children’s lives.


Oleksandr “Sasha” Shelevyi, Director of Dolia (with sandbox therapy being prepared in the background).

/Susanne Drakborg