Susanne Drakborg, Country Manager Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland & Ukraine

Box of tissues

room 4

BLOG Childhood has funded and is still funding many projects which make sure that child victims are provided proper therapy and are interviewed in a child-friendly manner and setting. Over the years I have visited many interview rooms and therapy rooms for children who are victims of sexual abuse. The rooms mostly look the same: colourful and bright with pleasant furniture and some toys. This time I noticed a box of tissues on a table. In the next room I also saw a box of tissues. And in the next room. And the next. There were boxes of tissues in all the rooms I entered. Seemingly innocuous, they hit me like a punch in the gut; with each tissue I sensed the crying, the sobbing, the wailing which comes from the victims and their loved ones. But I was also reminded that each tissue – offered and reached for – represented relief, trust and comfort.