World Childhood Foundation

Rebuilding Nepal

This week, our thoughts and prayers go out to the affected children and families in Nepal. The 7.8-magnitude earthquake that hit the region Saturday has left at least 5,000 dead and thousands injured and homeless. Childhood supports five organizations in the region. During the weekend we tried to reach them, and succeeded at last Monday morning.

One of our partners in the region, Voice of Children (VOC), has been working to strengthen Nepal’s society by aiding the most vulnerable populations, street children and marginalized families, in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu. Most of the kids the Voice of Children helps are homeless because their families have a history unemployment or psychosocial issues such as substance abuse.

After a weekend of silence, our project coordinator for Nepal, Joel Borgström, managed to contact Voice of Children and received confirmation that most of the children were safe. Our project’s next step is to seek out the families and children they work with, to bring them to safety, ensure they are sheltered, fed, and out of danger. As the number of homeless rise, Voice of Children will be able to aid and comfort those who have already lost so much. After this historic earthquake, the work of Voice of Children will become even more important than before.

In disasters, children suffer the most. Children, separated from their parents, families, and friends, surrounded by a society struggling to regroup and rebuild, face additional risks of abuse and trafficking. Childhood’s goal is to ensure that no child should face any abuse. Now is the critical time for our work with the people of Nepal. They need our help.

Our partner organizations in Nepal know the people who live there and know their needs. Their commitment to their communities is unwavering and will remain in place long after the media spotlight has shifted. In the following days and weeks, they will need to repair and return to their hard work. Now they need your support.