Rosana Junqueira, Program Coordinator Brazil

Companies meet in São Paulo to discuss sexual violence

On the Right Track

On August 22, in São Paulo, the 6th Corporate Meeting of the On the Right Track Program was held; it is a yearly event for the signatory companies of the Corporate Pact Against Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents on Brazilian Roads. Near 80 out of the 1250 signatory companies attended the gathering.

On the Right Track is a Childhood program, which objective is to join efforts and mobilize governments, companies, and civil-society organizations for a more effective fight against sexual exploitation of children and adolescents on Brazilian roads.

The corporate meetings offer excellent opportunities for the companies to know each other’s practices and extend their qualified knowledge on sexual exploitation of children and adolescents. Every year the agenda is improved, new subjects are added, and the companies’ participation is qualified. “This is a very important event” said Mr. Marcos Franco from the sustainability area of Golden Cargo shipping company. “The exchange of ideas, the new subjects and outlooks were important for the professionals and companies attending the event. I was very satisfied with it and left with a broadened experience to add to our programs that fight sexual exploitation of children and adolescents on the roads. I appreciated Childhood’s generosity!”, concluded Franco.

For this 6th meeting, we put together an agenda that comprehended subjects such as promotion of the cause, inter-sector partnerships, and the main sports events held in Brazil between 2013 and 2016. On the last point, we took the opportunity to launch the collection “Main Events”, composed by three handbooks addressing tourism, highways, and big infrastructure construction sectors. In this collection, we discuss how major events shall affect each sector and how professionals can act when facing matters regarding sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.