Anna Flora Werneck, Program Coordinator Brazil

Improving life quality and decreasing violence rates

The Terra dos Homens Brazilian Association is an organization established in Rio de Janeiro that is supported by Childhood. Terra dos Homens Brazilian Association works with children and adolescents about to be or already separated from their families, children living in shelters or on the streets, child victims of sexual exploitation and child victims of domestic violence.

The organization’s research on street children in the city of Rio de Janeiro concluded that the majority of the children originated from a community called Mangueirinha. The Terra dos Homens Brazilian Association decided to find out why and realized after further research that the causes included poverty, dysfunctional families, high rates of domestic violence, and a lack of child day care centers.

With the results from the research, the organization decided to implement the program Local Roots. The program was organized in the Mangueirinha community itself and the goal is to establish an effective support for children, adolescents, and families living in vulnerable situations.

Terra dos homens


The organization has now been working with the families since 2008, improving life quality and decreasing violence rates. Many women have received help to get into the labor market, children and adolescents have received therapeutic care, and two new child day care centers were established in the community!

These are the outcomes of the constant and attentive presence of the organization’s team and the firm commitment of local leaderships to plan and execute the activities.

/ Anna Flora